Our Company

Stanza Aluminum & Glass Corporation is an importer, distributor and wholesaler of architectural glass & aluminum including glazing and accessories.

Stanza Aluminum and Glass Corporation is amongst the renowned raw and finished aluminum and glass product suppliers in the Philippines.

We have been recognized for delivering reliable, accurate and high quality products in the market. Leveraging on the extensive logistics, our team can create cost-effective solutions adapted to meet your needs. We have made a strong repute for impeccable product delivery, which is characterized by Timeliness, Flexibility, Swiftness, Safety and Reliability.





To delight customers with quality building and housing solutions, always ensuring great value and excellent service.



To Our Customers:

To be recognized as a leading provider of building and housing solutions in the Philippines

To Our Stakeholders:

To be known as a company that has sustainable business growth and provide competitive financial return to their investments.

To Our Employees:

To be a preferred employer who cares for the safety, well-being and interest of its employees and their families.

To Our Suppliers and Trade Partners:

To be the trusted choice in the industry and acknowledged as a professionally managed Company with solid corporate business principles and high ethical standards.

To Our Society:

To be a responsible corporate citizen that complies with all laws and regulations, provides Value to the community where it operates, ensures no harm to its vicinity and contributes to the protection of the environment.


Quality Objectives:

  • Compliance to a defined product, safety and service requirements
  • Improve quality acceptance
  • Operate and maintain qaulity system that conforms to ISO 9001:2008
  • Encourage the continuous review and improvement of our Quality system
  • As support for this quality policy measurable quality objectives shall be established on applicable processes and functions as a means of monitoring their effectiveness in complying with requirements.


Ensure Quality Policy is understood

  • Communicate or explain the Quality Policy to the employees
  • Display Quality Policy Board/Slogan at various places in the plant
  • Conduct Quality Awareness Seminar

Ensure Quality Policy is implemented

  • Encourage involvement of all employees
  • Make it right for the first time
  • Orientation of customer's needs
  • Each delivery shall create an opportunity for further business

Ensure Quality Policy is maintained

  • Through periodic Management Review
  • Through periodic Quality Audit
  • Through continuous education and training of employees
  • Through caring of employees safety, health and general needs

Quality Policy Statement

We at STANZA Aluminum & Glass Corporation a distributor of Aluminum, Glass and Accessories and services for fabrication & installation of glass doors, windows and other allied alluminum services are committed to provide continuous improvement in all our products, processes and services by the effective implementation of our Quality System.

We are dedicated to delivering defect-free, product on-time at the most competitive cost possible

Our aim will always be focused on the satisfaction of our customers' needs and expectations as well as statutory and regulatory requirements through the combined efforts and cooperation of each member in the organization

Core Values

  • Customers Focus
  • Transparency
  • Sense of Ownership
  • Drive for Innovation
  • Professionalism

Our Materials


  • Barrel and Flush Bolt
  • Brackets
  • Door Closers
  • Wardrobe & Showcase
  • Pictures Frames
  • Fittings
  • Handles
  • Hinges
    • Louvers
  • Locks
  • Lazy Susan (Swivel)
    • Rods
  • Rollers
  • Screws


  • Seals
  • Tapes


  • Mirror, Glass, Convex and Dome
    • Ceilings
  • Plain Sheets
    • Wired Sheets


  • Blades
  • Light Bulb
  • Caulking Guns
  • Machineries
  • Clean Bulb Oil
  • Riveters
  • Drills
  • Measuring Tapes
  • Grinding & Polishing
  • Wheels
  • Hand Tools
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